BOUNCE: A Sport approach to Resilience CCCC

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Sport replicates life and to succeed in any environment or in overcoming change and uncertainty, people need resilience skills now more than ever. Resilience is a skill set that we can work on throughout our lives.
Our online guide BOUNCE: A Sport Approach to Resilience helps you understand what resilience is and how to obtain the necessary skills to be prepared if and when adversity happens. Just like your body, your mind can be trained and improved.



We have taken an holistic and proactive approach in covering all aspects of resilience to help individuals or those they care for improve their own wellbeing and achieve ongoing success and quality of life. Just like your body, your mind can be trained and improved.

To get fitter or better at sport and exercise you have to train and practice. We have taken this approach in developing this resource guide and as such used some sport/ exercise terms and examples are used to help you learn and digest the information provided.

The learning objectives of are broken down into five (5) unit topics:

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2 : Knowing Yourself
Topic 3: Falling off your bike (Coping with difficult situations)
Topic 4: Training (Taking action to promote resilience)
Topic 5: Practice (Maintaining your resilience)

Each topic contains a number of lessons and range of materials that are written, interactive and include video and online links as well as a selection of practical readings. In addition to generic materials, within each unit you may also see two specific sections:

  1. Think
    Where you are required to apply existing or new knowledge to your situation; and
  2. Learn More
    Where learning is taken a little deeper.

The guide will take you somewhere between 45 and 90 minutes if you were to undertake it in a single sitting. This is dependent on your own learning style and whether you access the additional material that is included. You can also access the guide in small chunks and come back to it at any time – your progress is tracked using small blue ticks in the left hand navigation column.

The best thing about the resource guide is that it is optimised for delivery across every single device you can name! So use your tablet, phone or computer (or all three), then sit back, relax and start via the button above.