Sport replicates life and to succeed in any environment or in overcoming change and uncertainty, people need resilience skills now more than ever. Resilience is a skill set that we can work on throughout our lives.

ManageSport has developed  BOUNCEuP: A Sport Approach to Resilience- An education workshop presentation and online e-therapy guide to help people understand what resilience is and how to obtain the necessary skills to be prepared if and when adversity happens. Just like your body, your mind can be trained and improved.

With support from ClubsNSW for Schools and the HNECC PHN for community the Free workshops focus on developing personal resilience and integrity. We have taken a holistic and proactive approach in covering all aspects of resilience to help people improve their own wellbeing and achieve ongoing success and quality of life. Just like your body, your mind can be trained and improved.

As an ongoing resource following each workshop everyone will be offered  access to the online BOUNCEuP- Sport Approach to Resilience e-therapy Guide. 



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